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Deep Tissue Massage

Marc Kilsbie

Deep tissue massage treatment differs form regular massage as it has a effect on the fascia ( connective tissue ), Swedish massage strokes do not. It can be performed with light up to firm pressure but must not be fast, it must be at a slow-medium pace. When the pace is to fast the fascia is not affected and the desired outcome not achieved (stretching).

What to expect.

Deep tissue massage consists of many different motions and pressure work to aid the healing or the prevention of injuries. Muscle stripping, frictions and applying deep pressure with the thumb or elbow to cut of blood supply to the chosen area for a short amount of time ( normally of a count to ten ). The pressure is released quickly to allow blood and nutrients to engulf the area and aid the healing process. The amount of pressure is determined by consultation with the client and the understanding of the injury/experience and skill of the therapist. Not all of these methods are required in all cases but a mixture is the norm!