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Aromatherapy was the reason I started massage in the first place, I have been making soap for the past 2 years and wished to improve the quality, benefits and range I could offer in my products! Little did I know that the vast range of oils and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils would excite and drive me so much. I have seen the response of massage on peoples aches and pains and now, how the addition of a blend of high quality essential oils can enhance the treatments therapeutic effects.

What to Expect

I chose the essential oils and the carrier oil to suit the individual after a short consultation has been taken and the desired outcome is known. I then apply the oils to the client using smooth rhythmical motions at a medium pressure. The oils are worked though the skin so to enter the body and circulate throughout releasing their beneficial quality’s. This can be a full body treatment or part of as is required.

if you have any questions that you wish to ask me please call the shop and I'll be happy to talk.